Meet the PPCChat’ers

Matthew Umbro (@Matt_Umbro)

Matthew UmbroMatthew is a Senior Account Manager in charge of Community at Hanapin Marketing. He specializes in eCommerce PPC and client relations, and he also oversees content production for PPC Hero.

Previously, Matthew was the Paid Search Director at Exclusive Concepts. His industry experience dates back to 2007, working with over 100 clients across multiple industries to attain profitable ROIs, improved lead generation and better brand awareness.

He is the founder of PPCChat, a weekly Twitter chat where industry specialists discuss, analyze and debate various PPC topics using the hashtag #PPCChat.  He is also a regular speaker at the most in-depth PPC marketing conference in the country, Hero Conf.

Matthew’s Certifications
Matt Umbro is a Bing Ads Accredited ProfessionalMatt Umbro is AdWords Certified

James Svoboda (@Realicity)

James SvobodaJames is a Partner and the CEO for and has been with the company since April 1999. James is responsible for designing custom search engine placement solutions, technology, research and maintenance, search engine analysis and overseeing all web design and development. He can be credited with developing the processes that are currently employed in both the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing programs. The success of these programs has made James an invaluable asset to the company.

Paul Kragthorpe (@PaulKragthorpe)

Paul KragthorpePaul is the webmaster/developer for He also brings together the PPCChat Streamcap each week.

Paul is the Search Manager for Paul has done work with / Locology LLC. since May 2005, and started full-time as Search Manager in April 2011 at their satellite branch in Eden Prairie, MN. Paul is responsible for project management, preparing monthly reports for clients, keyword research, keyword analysis for content planning, onsite SEO, managing Google Analytics, researching negative keywords, search query analysis, pay-per-click campaigns, web development, and managing social media outlets.

Paul’s Certifications
Paul Kragthorpe is a Bing Accredited ProfessionalPaul Kragthorpe is W3C Certified in CSS and HTML

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