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As the streamcapper, I ask myself a lot of questions in my head that I think you guys might also ask. I compiled them and put them here so you can see the answers.

1. I answered a question, why isn’t it on the streamcap?

There are many reasons why your response may not be in the streamcap. Let’s see:

Missing the #PPCChat hashtag. The most obvious reason would be this. While I follow most people on the chat, I rarely ever have any other streams open. So if you’re comment doesn’t have the hashtag, it’ll likely get missed.

Using a business twitter handle. I personally think PPCChat is a forum where views expressed are personal opinions, and should not be associated with views of a company/agency. Plus it’s easier for me to skip copying a response every now and then.

Missing A#. I can only guess so well. As the stream is flying by, I’m looking for tweets with an A# (sometimes Q#) in them to see what I should include in the streamcap. Occasionally I’ll be able to associate a tweet without it (Michelle Morgan) to the chat, but if it’s a really active chat, I probably will miss it.

Redundant/Short Answers. Example “It depends”, “Yes”… short answers with no further explanation don’t generally get recorded. Matt tries to ask questions that require a little more in depth answers.

I don’t know your full name. If you’re twitter page doesn’t contain your full name somewhere, I’m likely to skip passed you. No one wants to read a streamcap and see “OH, John said this…wait, John who?”

I simply missed it. Some days the stream goes FAST. It’s hard to keep up, especially to take down answers AND keep up! It happens.

Answered after the chat was over. Pretty much once Matt says “OK, it’s 1pm on the east coast” I start wrapping it up and posting the streamcap. I want it to be available right away for everyone when I can, and I don’t want to be spending more work hours on the streamcap when I have client work to do.

I don’t like you. I kid, but for real. Joking….seriously.

2. How do I get the featured quote?

Every chat I pick out a quote that goes at the top of each streamcap. Most the time I just skim through and find one that sounds the most interesting as it relates to the topic. It’s usually quite random. If there is a tweet that gets retweeted a LOT, then I’ll try and make note of it, and use that.

3. How can I guest host?

Every now and then Matt needs a break. If you feel you could run the chat, by all means send Matt a note telling him why you want to host and why you think you’d be good at it. He’ll definitely consider you!

4. How can I recommend a topic for the chat?

Matt is seriously a bottomless pit of PPCChat ideas. No news ones are needed….ever!

I kid. If you have an idea for a topic, PLEASE send it to Matt. Include some questions that could be asked in the question set. Matt is ALWAYS open to ideas for topics.

5. How the crap do you do the streamcap?


6. Seriously?


OK, for real. I simply do a LOT of copy and pasting. I just have Dreamweaver open on one screen, TweetDeck on another, and go to town. That is honestly how I do it. I do make use of a few custom keyboard shortcuts (snippets in Dreamweaver), and a macro Excel sheet to sort and format the list of participants at the end of each chat. But it’s all manual labor. I don’t see how any automated program could filter the chat and display it the way we do. If you do, please let me know!

7. How can I make your job of streamcapping easier?

So many ways you can make it easier on me. Here’s a few:

State the question you are answering. Example: “A1 This is my answer. #ppcchat” <- this is the perfect format to answer. Capitalize the first letter of your sentences. Look at the streamcaps, then look at the PPCChat feed. You’ll notice they’re all capitalized in the streamcap and not so much in the feed. It’s a small task, but combined with all the other small things and the number of tweets, it adds up.

End your sentance with a period. (same explanation as above)

Save the “Sorry I’m late” tweets. They just fill up the stream and push other tweets that I’m trying to copy out of the way. Not trying to be rude, but it doesn’t add any value to the chat.

Don’t come in at 11:45 and answer question 1, unless your answer is imperative for people to know.

Change your last name and twitter handle to something easier to type. OK, so that’s not realistic. Don’t do that.

Some of those may be me just complaining.

That’s all she wrote…I mean I wrote

If you have any questions not on this list that you think others may have, let Matt or myself know!

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