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This week Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) came up with another great question set titled “AdWords For Video.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: What is your opinion on the impact/importance video plays in advertising? Why?

  • Video is super effective for demo-ing complex products and showing imagery/action. – Melissa Mackey (@Mel66)
  • Good for increasing branding (especially with remarketing). – Timothy Jensen (@timothyjjensen)
  • Video can have a huge impact if done correctly. That’s the hard part. – Matthew Lloyd (@MaLloyd20)
    • Good point…it’s not just about online being another venue to re-air TV commercials. – Timothy Jensen
  • There is such a low barrier to entry now that video is viable for so many more business than 5yrs ago. – Graeme Benge (@graemebenge)
  • It’s great for that person who wants to consume content quickly – ie: in less than 30 seconds. – Matt Umbro
  • Video is extremely important for Branding – Not as effective on actual conversions. – Juan Restrepo (@juanrrestrepo)
  • Video call tell a story that can’t be told with just text or images. Great for branding or communicating complex topics. – Amy Hebdon (@amyppc)
  • Video is great for branding or visually showcasing new products/services that minimal ad character limitations can’t describe. – Joe Martinez (@MilwaukeePPC)
  • Are you stalking specifically about video ads, or about video on landing pages? – Steve Gibson (@stevegibsonPPC
    • Video ads, though this question is more general to video vs. just within the AdWords interface. – Matt Umbro
  • Video takes viewers INSIDE a product where other ads can’t. Demystify a complex product or create a buzz for something new! – Colleen McCaskell (@ppccolleen)
  • Great for diving deeper where you can’t in a small text ad. – Matthew Lloyd
  • Good value out of quick DIY video, with higher production value it’s difficult to get ROI (cause of cost to create). – Aviva Downing (@AvivCuriously)
  • Video delivers short messaging and branding together, effectively. So is good choice. – Dean Marsden (@deanmarsden22)
  • Can be a good push channel for brand traffic, however you need good attribution modeling in place to justify it’s performance. – Tyson Drake (@tysondrake)
  • They are vital to many businesses because they are appealing both to the rational part and emotional one (if done right). – Gianpaolo Lorusso (@Gianps)
  • Video is also good for diversifying your targetable audience. SOV expands quite a bit for previously ignored audience. – Maria Corcoran (@mariacorcoran)
  • Video can be an perfectly effective way of delivering a sales message – particularly in a multi-step selling process. – Steve Gibson
  • Someone once told me, “When you’re selling something, people want to see what it is.” Video simply helps. – Barry Abraham (@brickwaybarry)
  • With video “the experience” is key, regardless of whether it is a product or service. – Kirk Williams (@PPCKirk)

Q2: Besides conversions, what metrics are most important in video campaigns? Why?

  • If you’re looking at social, likes and shares are big. – Matthew Lloyd
  • Value of a conversion, lifetime value. For big brands selling via retail: penetration & usage pull. – Steve Gibson
  • Engagement rates – need to see which videos are working and driving interaction. – Matt Umbro
  • Earned views, shares, subscriptions. – Barry Abraham
  • All KPIs that demonstrate the value of new visitor engagement. It’s all about new customers for me. – Andrew McGarry (@beyondcontent
  • Anything other than how it assists conversions in an attribution model is just vanity metrics. – Tyson Drake
  • “Played to” metrics to know when users drop off. I personally like earned metrics to know if they engage beyond original video. – Joe Martinez
  • Earnt views, likes, shares and subscriptions! (who doesnt like freebies?) – Dean Marsden
  • Clicks, completion rate. – Aviva Downing 
  • Also look at assisted conversions and pathways to conversion in GA with a PPC channel grouping. Important for Lightbox ads IMO. – Colleen McCaskell
  • Conversion based, but view-through it great for directional insights. – Matthew Lloyd
  • Video can be used to hype product, get shared and reach more. Think release of new video game or new car. – Josh Kelson (@JoshKelson)
  • If it’s for a Brand campaign I want to see how many uniques watched to 15 and 30 seconds. If it’s DR, then good luck with that! – Paul Wicker (@Wickerpedia)
  • Percent viewed is huge. Shows if your vid is resonating. – Melissa Mackey 
  • Completion rates & engagement rates (good or bad) so I can optimize which videos to show more. – Orlando Valencia (@ValenciaSEM)
  • Time/percent views is an important one. – Maria Corcoran 

Q3: How does your video targeting differ from general Display advertising (if it does at all)?

  • On YouTube I like to set up campaigns that target channels of similar companies and industries. Layer that on with audience. – Joe Martinez
  • Usually the same as Display. – Melissa Mackey
  • Usually more scope to go broad to generate awareness. Can make use of affinity audiences and layer with relevant topics. – Colleen McCaskell
  • Similar to display. YouTube-specific remarketing can be a helpful add-on. – Timothy Jensen
    • Exactly, and if not through YouTube, defintely on Display. – Matt Umbro
    • Yes, that’s currently how we use it now and it works great for incremental conversions! – Erika Valencia (@ppcErika)
    • Yep, I try to run YT Remarketing at a bare minimum (if nothing else)! – Colleen McCaskell
  • Haven’t implemented personally, but I like the option/idea of showing video ads in a series based on previous engagement. – Emma Franks (@akaEmmaLouise)
  • The difference in targeting is more about channels – Facebook vs. Youtube vs. display – rather than format. – Aviva Downing
  • More layering for targeting on video. Video can eat your budget up faster if you dont have strict targets. – Orlando Valencia

Q4: What are the best videos to use for video advertising? Why?

  • Short ones! Often clients want to run 30 minute videos. Not happening. 2 minutes TOPS. – Melissa Mackey
    • Agreed – my attention span wanes after 10 seconds, but that’s just me. – Matt Umbro
  • Yes. 15 second videos are great. – Melissa Mackey
  • AdWords In-Stream should have strong message in first 5 seconds. – Barry Abraham
  • Showcase features, benefits, how you can improve people’s lives. Shorter the better but longer can work if it’s engaging. – Joe Martinez
  • It depends who you’re advertising to. – Steve Gibson
  • Try to highlight things that are easily consumed but important to your brand value/differentiator. – Maria Corcoran
  • I always try to have the major message at the beginning of the video – kind of like those Geico videos. – Matt Umbro
  • Depends on your brand. Not sure if there is a correct answer for everyone but general best practices. – Matthew Lloyd
  • It has to be short, engaging and have a clear CTA. – Erika Valencia
  • Get inside the product. Introduce the staff. Give a demo. Use an animated explainer video. Show the value! – Colleen McCaskell
  • I’ve seen too many videos of one guy behind a desk trying to lecture me on how great his product is. Please stop doing this. – Joe Martinez
    •   Especially when it’s just a random guy in his office using his iPhone. – Matt Umbro

Q5: Have you used TrueView For Shopping ads? If so, what have the results been/your feedback?

  • Limited visibility/optimization but shoppable retargeting crushes standard RM trueview. – Aaron Levy (@bigalittlea)
  • Always on. Pushing more when it gives results. Impression cap so I don’t piss people off as other do me. – Roxana Hassel (@RoxanaHassel
  • We use True View but not with Shopping – currently running video with lead gen campaigns. Have seen good performance from it. – Maria Corcoran
    • What do you think that good performance is attributed to? – Matt Umbro
      • Multiple ways to consume content, or interact after view for conversion. Its a new experience than traditional pathing. – Maria Corcoran

Q6: What is your video remarketing strategy? Why?

  • I’ll generally create all the available audiences, but usually only the channel and video views get decent audience sizes. – Matt Umbro
  • In the process of having specific video built out for certain LPs so they get a relevant message on YT from what they viewed. – Matthew Lloyd
  • For one client, we use it to advertise certain products based on webpages viewed. Works well! – JD Prater (@jdprater)
  • Impression cap like a mofo! especially if you have limited videos. – Orlando Valencia
  • I don’t want to show a generic brand video to someone who looked at a specific service. Use (or create) videos that make sense. – Joe Martinez
  • We also use them to up-sell and cross-sell products based on previous purchases. – JD Prater

Q7: Do you tend to utilize all of the video ad formats (in stream, in display, etc)? Why or why not?

  • Usually yes. Test and see what works! – Melissa Mackey
  • I stay away from in-display video ads. They are so annoying to me and I can’t bear to serve them. – Aviva Downing
  • IS has worked better for me. Working on strategy to better ID conversions but have focused on IS because they work. – Matthew Lloyd
  • Such extremely different purposes. I am only using In-Stream at the moment. – Barry Abraham
  • I think in-stream video ads are in the top 3 things users hate most after popups and music coming from a site. – Gianpaolo Lorusso
  • I’m more picky on what I show in-stream. If the video isn’t engaging enough early on it’ll lead to skips. – Joe Martinez
  • Started with spotlight annotations, now testing in stream but it is strategy specific on deployment of ad type. – Maria Corcoran
  • In-Display good for a strong content piece on a niche subject. In-Stream better for broad visibility. That’s my take. – Barry Abraham
  • Definitely. In-Display often converts better and often drives better engagement and earned views. – Coleen McCaskell

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