Announcing CallRail As The Official PPCChat Sponsor

Many of you have heard of CallRail, an Atlanta based call tracking solution provider. CallRail is a regular sponsor of PPCChat and has been a great supporter of the chat. I’m happy to announce that CallRail will be the official sponsor of PPCChat moving forward!

In terms of the actual chat nothing will change. Great PPC knowledge, information, and debate will continue during the chat and throughout the week. There may be an additional tweet at times promoting a CallRail download, but it won’t interfere with the integrity of PPCChat. We both understand why people tune into and participate in PPCChat.


Why The Ongoing Sponsorship?


As far as why I’ve decided to secure an ongoing sponsor for the chat, there are a couple of reasons. The first is that putting together PPCChat each week requires a fair amount of time and resources. I love putting the chat together each week, but there are costs involved. Some of these costs involve website hosting and management, my own sponsorships, and my personal time. By no means do I want the chat to be a paid platform (which I’m not sure it even could be). Thus, this sponsorship allows me to offset these time and financial costs.


The second reason is that I want to continue growing the PPCChat brand. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for all of you and how you have made PPCChat part of your daily schedule. What started as an idea four years ago has turned into a core concept in the PPC world. Your willingness to accept the brand and grow it has been nothing short of amazing. I thank you all for your participation and want to continue delivering a world class experience.


If you do have any questions or feedback about the sponsorship or PPCChat in general, please leave them in the comments section. Thank you as always for your participation!

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