PPC Chat Streamcap – Social PPC for the Holidays

This week Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) came up with yet another great question set titled “Social PPC for the Holidays.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: What are some ways that promoted tweets and FB ads can help your holiday advertising efforts?

  • If I were running these, I’d tell potential customers to go find out if their loved one would like X for a gift. – Theresa Zook (@I_Marketer)
  • As a follow up, what type of messaging do you think proves effective for FB and Twitter holiday advertising? – Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro)
  • Offer deadline sales to create urgency to customers. 50% off x only y amount of time left! – Kristin Hughes (@KhughesCosta)
  • Or something like “Don’t wait until the last minute!” – Matt Umbro
  • I always look at social media as a way to build an audience. Use it to capture the audience, then use those channels to sell. – Roger Sikes (@rogersikes)
  • We just finished running a FB Offers using the $25 credit. 1st time FB generated a positive ROI for us. – Eric Bryant (@GnosisArts)
  • Now, I’d speak to those who need to buy & ship. “Check it off your list” or something? – Theresa Zook

Q2: Do you remarket to visitors coming to your site from social media channels? If so, what messaging do you show them?

  • Is that a list you’d need to create via Analytics instead of AdWords? – Bethany Bey (@Bethany_Bey)
    • Not necessarily, you could create a custom landing page, knowing only FB visitors go here and then just target that URL in AdWords. – Matt Umbro
      • But what if you don’t? How bout creating a tracking tag that cookies users who click on your site’s social tags? Use insight analytics on GA to see Clicks on that area of page. Create a tracking tag on the link to cookie user. – Brian Gaspar – (@BGaspar)
  • Yes. We target on facebook by email address promoting our best blog content. Our goal is a soft reengagement. – Rick Backus (@CPC_Rick)
    • Sounds promising. I wish I could figure out this remarketing, but I confess I’m still a novice at it. – Eric Bryant
      • Facebook ads allow you to easily target users by email address. If you have an existing email list, it’s really simple. – Rick Backus
  • If you can capture your list by landing page/ad copy, then remarket with reminders that time is running out, etc. for urgency. – Roger Sikes

Q3: What sorts of holiday promotions do you plan to run through Facebook (or have run in the past)?

  • Contests are always good to build exposure and interest. – Matt Umbro
  • Mirroring what we have for email & PPC right now. Unfortunately can’t do multiple promo codes on our “current” ERP. I did contests for a hotel client. All about brand awareness and building up unique visitors to their page. – Brian Gaspar

Q4: As a consumer, what sorts of holiday messaging appeals to you through channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc?

  •  Channel exclusive/insider deals. – Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin)
  • I hate companies trying to sell me stuff on social media. – Jordan McClements (@PPCNI)
    • Hence the challenge for marketers to figure out how to effectively use social media to reengage potential customers. – Rick Backus
  • I need to know that if I order online it’ll arrive on time. – Cassie Allinger (@CassieAllinger)
  • Fast/free shipping. – Bethany Bey
  • Anything that makes me feel like I’m getting an insider deal is going to get my attention. – Roger Sikes
  • As a consumer, hate pre-season promotions, hard-sell tactics, & ridiculous suggestions. (A lawnmower? No.) – Theresa Zook
  • I prefer a bold headline…may not care for the deal, but will catch my eye. – Matt Umbro
  • I guess it depends on why you are following them in the first place. – Ginny Marvin
    • Good Point. It really depends on how much you actually like the brand in the first place. – Rick Backus
  • Important to target a relevant audience – through interests, friends of fans, followers, etc. – Roger Sikes
  • Post useful/shareable content (recipes, decorations, how-to, etc) then link/post your products/service on landing page/sidebar. – GearHead.com (@gearhead
  • I want companies to make me think they’ve done the research for me. – Logan Durant (@THELoganDurant)
    • Agreed – Pinterest could be an extension of your site- an external landing page. Just has to be compelling. – Roger Sikes

Q5: What metrics do you use to determine success from social PPC campaigns? Why?

  • I don’t do it anymore but when i did direct affiliate selling it was all about conversion rate. – Ace of Saves (@AceOfSaves)
  • The usuals: ROI, ROAS, CPAcquistion. Also been starting to use the MCFs, filtering for social advanced segments. – Eric Bryant
  • Advanced GAnalytics analysis can reveal how social “helps” more direct sales. – Theresa Zook
    • Agree, The recent GAnalytics addition gives perspective on how much impact social media is making. – Stephanie Cockerl (@nextSTEPH)
  • Revenue & determine a value for fan and follower acquisition for long term revenue impact. – Roger Sikes
  • Google Analytics MCF can give a lot of insight into where in the sales funnel social PPC falls into. – David Weichel (@DavidWeichel)
  • The revenue metrics are important, but do you pay attention to increases in likes, follows, friends, etc? – Matt Umbro
    • I see little or no value in “likes” and “follows” unless they translate to customers. Unless I can track changes in those stats back to revenue/profit. – Theresa Zook
      • It’s about you do AFTER you get the like or follow to turn that person into a future customer. – Rick Backus
  • What’s the best way to tell if social visits turn into repeat customers? – Bethany Bey
    • Custom vars & advanced segments, alongside MCF in GoogleAnalytics. Those who visit via social get a unique cookie. – David Weichel
    • Use this dashboard for Social Media KPI’s in GA. – Brian Gaspar
  • Make sure you’re tracking micro-conversions as well as macros (aka transactions) tells you a lot about the success of social. – David Weichel
  • For FB: The “most viewed photo/post” metric has been helpful in creating GDN campaigns. – Eric Bryant
  • Engagement metrics matter in the long term. Rev matters, but social is also about customer svc/retention. – Ginny Marvin
  • I agree with the consensus. The % conversion of likes into customers is key. – Ace of Saves

Q6: How will social PPC play into your 2013 PPC strategy?

  • HUGE! Boss ironically told me to come up with a test plan for PPC for 2013. 3/4’s of my suggestions are Social based. – Brian Gaspar
  • Very little social on my ad calendar for 2013. Value unproven–at least for the kinds of clients I have now. – Theresa Zook
  • We will be using it for brand awareness and targeting our key demographics, but it will be a small part of the budget. – Roger Sikes
  • In test phase for 2013. – Ginny Marvin


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