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This week Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) got to have a great interview with @BingAds today! The following is the transcribed Interviewcap from the live chat:

What has been the theory and reasoning behind the updates to the interface over the last year?

  • Usability was the primary driver. UX research uncovered a number of opportunities to improve key workflows.

Can you talk about the feedback you received regarding the old interface?

  • We gather user feedback multiple times a yr & take tons of feedback from you guys. UX was a key area. Browser compatibility was a big problem, we also wanted to address speed issues and feature discoverability. We also heard the terms like “dated” & “tired” – We wanted to move to a modern highly usable experience.

You just released sitelinks – are there any other ad extensions in the works that we might be seeing soon?

  • Yes! – Sitelinks is the latest. Hope you’re all enjoying them. Highly focused on bringing new extension to market. In planning for upcoming release cycle, & there is heavy focus on new extensions. More to announce in coming months.

It seems many of the new features are very similar to Google’s (sitelinks, modified broad match, etc), will you be releasing any features and/or functionality unique to Bing?

  • In some areas we’re responding to user feedback which has asked for G-Parity. Greatly increased our release pace to close gaps, while also developing some unique differentiators for the future. In some areas like Quality Score, we’ve leveraged your feedback to improve the experience and differentiate vs. G.

Great to hear that you are listening to user feedback…I know we all appreciate that. Why should advertisers utilize your PPC platform? What makes your specific platform stand out?

  • Historical QS & Aggregated QS scores are designed to highlight opportunities rather than penalize. 46MM UUs on Yahoo + Bing Network do not use G. 151M UUs & Yahoo Bing Network users are 5.4% more likely to spend than G users. (Those numbers are US Only). (source)

Regarding ecomm stores, do you have a version of product listing ads in the works?

  • As we mentioned, a number of new ad types are in the works. Stay tuned…

Are there plans to setup separate keywords bids for Bing and Yahoo?

  • Not at this time, but we do offer the ability to target our search partner sites.

Targeting specific search partners is a nice differentiator from Google. Will your desktop editor tool be available for Macs in the near future?

  • We’re aware of the demand & are looking at ways to deliver. No specific plans or timeline to share at this time.

Any plans for better control/visibility of the syndicated search partner network?

  • Publisher reports will show partner sites serving your ads. URL blocking was increased to 2,000 from 500 in July. Other ways to improve this control/visibility or other aspect can be submitted by you at – BingAds.UserVoice.com.


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