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An idea originating from a single tweet on Valentine’s Day (strictly coincidental, though I do love PPC) has escalated into a weekly PPC discussion conducted through Twitter among industry professionals.  PPCChat, or #ppcchat (the hashtag used to identify the discussion), is a forum where those in the PPC industry can share, learn, and converse about all topics PPC.  The first chat occurred on Tuesday, April 5th and has been growing in attendance each week.

PPCChat occurs every Tuesday from 12 PM – 1 PM EST (9 AM on the west coast and 5 PM in London).  The format is quite simple as every week we present seven to eight questions about a specific PPC topic (links to Streamcaps and reviews of all previous chats can be found below courtesy of James Svoboda of WebRanking).  The questions are meant to engage and challenge the PPC audience as we critically think about the why and how of our industry.  Here are three reasons you should attend.

You Will Learn Something

The PPC industry contains several brilliant minds.  PPCChat is a forum where these industry veterans share their knowledge.  Who are some of the specialists that attend?  Just take a look at the PPCChat Twitter list.

I have already learned some great tips from industry colleagues.  From Keri Morgret’s excellent insight into negative keywords to Andrew Baker’s knowledge of local business PPC, I have begun to implement some ideas and tactics into my own campaigns.  I might never have considered these ideas if not for industry colleagues.

Networking Opportunities

Since PPCChat began I’ve started following more than 20 people on Twitter and connected with at least 10 people on LinkedIn.  I’ve even had phone calls with Robert Brady and James Svoboda!  I’m now following and conversing with a greater number of brilliant PPC minds.  By actively participating in PPCChat you will grow your professional network.  Your unique PPC perspectives will be shared with others and you will become a resource.

It’s Fun!

PPCChat is a good time!  Aside from discussing PPC topics we also joke and banter with each other.  Whether it be kidding Melissa Mackey about her fondness for adCenter (right Mel?) or connecting with long time PPCers Andy Groller and Chris Kostecki, the discussions are entertaining.  We discuss many great tips and ideas, but we also have fun doing it.

If you run PPC campaigns or are at all interested in PPC you should attend PPCChat, every Tuesday from 12 PM – 1 PM EST!

PPCChat Streamcaps

5/3 – Facebook Advertising
4/26 – Small Business & Small Budget Campaigns
4/19 – Pay Per Click Account Structure
4/12 – Pay Per Click Keywords
4/5 – PPCChat Kickoff

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