PPC Chat Is Coming

In early February I inquired about a Twitter PPC chat.  The response was great as many of you shared your excitement and willingness to participate.  The last month and a half has been extremely busy in my personal life, but I am now ready to devote my attention to making this PPC chat a reality.

The format for the PPC chat will be 10 questions, where I will act as the moderator. The tentative date for this inaugural PPC chat is Tuesday, April 5th at 8 PM EST, and the hashtag for this event will be #ppcchat.  I apologize in advance to my UK colleagues as I know this time isn’t ideal for you.  Between all of our jobs and personal lives there is no perfect time for everyone, but for this chat I’ve chosen 8 PM with the stipulation that the time may change in the future.

I encourage you to leave comments below or email me at matt@theppcblog.com with questions you would like to discuss or any additional input you have regarding the chat.  This event is intended to benefit and enlighten all of us in the PPC industry, so let’s do our best to make it informative and enjoyable!

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3 Responses to PPC Chat Is Coming

  1. Just to add a little clarity on something I asked myself – April 5th is a Tuesday.

    Looking forward to #PPCChat!

  2. Thanks for mentioning that note, James. I’ve added into the post. Glad you can make it!

  3. Great! I look forward to it.

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