New Google AdWords Extension?

I was doing a search today and noticed this ad:

I then clicked to expand the link and saw this:

Perhaps a new Google AdWords extension available for the merchant services industry?

Has anyone else seen this extension before?

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2 Responses to New Google AdWords Extension?

  1. SEMantiks says:

    Hi Matt,

    I think I saw this earlier on in the year mentioned on PPC Hero referring to it as the ‘contact form extension’. Maybe now its starting to receive a more widespread roll out.

    I remember at the time thinking its ease of use for “arrange a call back” enquires was fast and effective. Unfortunately it does however steal traffic away from the actual website, limiting the ability to cross sell, instil potential customer trust and provide a professional image.

    You would expect a more enhanced conversion rate from this extension perhaps, ultimatey though the enquiry to sale conversion rate could suffer.

  2. @SEMantiks You are right as this contact form extension is in beta (I confirmed with my Google rep).

    I agree with your points and am curious to see how this extension will work. I have my doubts, though, that users are going to fill out a form directly on Google. Maybe I’m thinking too much of it, but I just don’t see it happening.

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