MSN adCenter Still Using P4P?

As I was adding new text ads to an account in MSN adCenter I noticed the URL:


Is it odd to anyone else that MSN still uses the acronym “P4P”? For the most part this term has been replaced by PPC. P4P, or pay-for-placement, was considered too broad. P4P could mean buying a directory listing in Yahoo! or banner advertising on a site, not just the conventional paid search engine platforms. In fact, P4P could mean buying an ad in a newspaper!

I’ve always found this P4P mention in the adCenter interface to be a bit surprising. I know it is a relatively small issue, but MSN desires to be the number one search engine (the advent of Bing, ladies and gentleman). MSN adCenter is a good paid platform, but it will never eclipse Google AdWords if it cannot keep up with the current lingo.

I am making too big a deal of this issue? Post a comment and let me know.

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