The Three Tiers of a PPC Campaign

This PPCChat took place on September 21st, 2009. Streamcap by Matthew Umbro

ROI, CPA, CTR, CPC”¦these are all metrics that you can use to evaluate your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.  The amount of data available to you can be overwhelming (so can the acronyms, defined below).  The challenge is determining which of these are true key performance indicators (KPIs) and why they matter.

A three tier structure organizes PPC campaign metrics by level of importance.  Tier One metrics represent the most critical data, while Tier Two and Tier Three metrics do not demand as much attention.  It’s not that certain metrics are irrelevant.  All of these metrics should be analyzed and acted upon in order to improve your PPC campaign success. However, a three tier structure places PPC metrics in order of how well they reflect the success of your PPC campaign.

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