In Response To Today’s #PPCChat eBook Situation

Earlier today, an eBook was jointly published by Acquisio and my employer, Hanapin Marketing. The eBook made use of a recent PPCChat on “Crafting Better Lead Gen Campaigns.” The eBook contained many tweets from this PPCChat and was also only accessible through a form submission. Many members of the PPCChat community were justifiably upset that their content was being used to secure leads for other companies.

The form submission landing page has since been taken down and I personally apologize for the mistake. As the PPCChat founder and ambassador, I am responsible for the integrity of the brand. This experience has taught me an important lesson in community trust. I don’t believe in regrets, but I do believe that your life experiences shape who you are and what you accomplish.

As far as Hanapin and PPCChat working together, we will continue to do so where it makes sense. As I stated when I first started at Hanapin, both brands are separate entities. Hanapin does not control the content for PPCChat and vice versa. With Acquisio, we all worked together to create the eBook with the intention of educating the PPC community. We made a mistake, which ultimately is on me as the brand ambassador. As we approach the 5 year anniversary of PPCChat, I hope you are able to forgive my mistake and continue engaging and educating the PPC community.

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3 Responses to In Response To Today’s #PPCChat eBook Situation

  1. Thanks for being sensitive about this Matt, no worries at all from my perspective. This is somewhat of a gray area, and I don’t think an apology is necessary. It ended up being that the group didn’t prefer it (especially the gated aspect – myself included on that aspect), so even though the chats are “public content”, I appreciate your awareness and respect for the individual participants’ opinions and willingness to find a satisfiable solution.

    I appreciate your voice in the industry and integrity.

  2. Robert Brady says:

    I was going to write some long response here, but it’s enough that displeasure was communicated and changes have been made. The world needs more kindness and forgiveness.

  3. Luke Alley says:

    I didn’t see this all go down on Friday, but went through the tweets today. I was included in the e-book and notified by tweet, and felt flattered two very respected organizations would include some of my thoughts. I’ve used #PPCChat as a sales tool for myself; mentioning that I’ve hosted and have a place to go to get hard PPC questions answered.

    I’m happy to have a place to go to discuss PPC that’s been consistent for years and where I’ve made lots of friends.

    Appreciate what you’ve done, Matt.

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