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This week Luke Alley (@LukeAlley) filled in for Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) to talk about all things PPCChat with a great question set titled “The Meta PPCChat.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: Why do you participate in PPCChat?

  • As a solo operator, PPCChat is about the community I don’t have in office. Drives me to go deeper & learn faster than I would on my own. – Kirk Williams (@PPCKirk)
  • To hear some fresh ideas, get new insights, and ‘meet’ like-minded people. – Jonathan Maltz (@MaltzPPC)
  • Knowledge sharing + networking at the same time. Plus there’s photoshoots sometimes. – Aaron Levy (@bigalittlea)
  • Networking! It’s like hanging with friends for lunch once a week. – Melissa Mackey (@Mel66)
  • Fresh ideas and keeping up to date with the latest tech/trends/tools/strategies/etc. – John Budzynski (@Budzynski)
  • Search engine marketers have the best community out of any profession I know. Learn and share knowledge. – Joe Martinez (@MilwaukeePPC)
  • It’s where my friends are. – Bryant Garvin (@BryantGarvin)
  • I’m not really sure anymore… I think I’m kind of co-dependent on it. – James Svoboda (@Realicity)
  • When I was a newb, Twitter connected me to PPC powerhouses. I’m still really grateful for that. – Robert Brady (@robert_brady)
  • Cause these streamcaps can’t write themselves. – Paul Kragthorpe (@PaulKragthorpe)
  • I participate because you are all awesome! – Matt Umbro
  • I don’t always participate in PPCChat but when I do I hope to collaborate with fellow PPC experts on PPC topics, ideas…etc. – Garret McGregor (@mcgregor212)
  • Contributing on PPCChatis a win for everyone. We all have to give to gain… and then all ships rise with the rising tide. – Greg Young (@PPCJedi)

Q2: How did you get started with PPCChat?

  • I believe Heather Cooan is the one who pointed me to it? – Kirk Williams
  • Actually I just saw it on my twitter feed and just joined. First time on this one. – Lori Caldwell (@LCaldwell)
  • Fairly sure I just saw Matt Umbro tweeting with a fancy hashtag and followed along. Twas many moons ago! – Aaron Levy
  • Now that’s a good question..I probably came across it while reading SEJ/SEL, but not sure. – Jonathan Maltz
  • Started following other PPC pros. Then kept seeing the hashtag more and more. – Joe Martinez
    • Yep, similar story here. Added the hashtag and soon after realized it was a regular “event”. – Timothy Jensen (@timothyjjensen)
  • Matt sent an inquiry tweet, I said yes. Joined 1st chat 15 min before ended. Been addicted ever since. – James Svoboda
  • Coworkers introduced me and I am really glad they did! – Christina Hall (@Chrissie_Hall85)
  • Coworker turned me on to it. – John Budzynski
  • Same. Didn’t make the first two chats. But was on the 3rd. Evening was hard to catch! – Luke Alley
  • After enough Google searches and blog readings, found my way here. – Joseph Drury (@drurytheelder)
  • My boss David Beltramini said I should check it out. – Nicole Mintiens (@Tregesy)
  • I can’t quite remember when I joined… then I left.. and now I’m back! – Amy Bishop (@Hoffman8)
  • Saw the cool kids doing it and copied them so people would think I was cool too. – Robert Brady
  • I joined when it moved to noon EST. Been here ever since! – Melissa Mackey
  • Luke Alley told me told me about PPCChat. – Greg Young

Q3: What type of discussions most appeal to you?

  • I like the ones where there are 2 sides to the discussion. Lively and fun. – Melissa Mackey
  • Rants & Raves. – James Svoboda
  • Honestly, the arguments/differences of opinions. I love when people fiercely depend their own ideas. Inspiring/fun. – Aaron Levy
    • Agreed. I think you learn the most from those… makes people vet their ideas more. – Luke Alley
  • All the stuff that applies to lead generation and not just ecomm. – John Budzynski
  • The ones where I really get some insight into how others do things. Really neat getting new perspectives. – Jonathan Maltz
  • Since I’m mostly B2B now I do prefer the Econ and Shopping topics. Helps me stay fresh and up to date. – Joe Martinez
  • All of them! – Robert Brady
  • I like all discussions as there is always sth new to learn. I do like the ones about new features & different approaches. – Christina Hall
  • I tend to like the ones about new features or strategies. I learn a lot during those. – Mark Kennedy (@markkennedysem)
    • Absolutely. Nice to hear feedback from multiple people testing new features. Can find the best strategies. – Luke Alley
      • And a lot of people use them in ways you might not think of. Pretty innovative people in PPCChat. – Mark Kennedy
  • Generally the “recent developments” chats. I usually learn the most from those. – Kirk Williams
  • When ideas, tips, suggestions are shared, Sometimes I need help thinking outside my box! – Garrett McGregor

Q4: What type of discussions would you like to see more of?

  • New technology: call tracking, cross-device, etc.; also love the remarketing chats. – Melissa Mackey
  • Weird stuff & efficiency tricks. Crazy excel magic, scripts gone wild, fun with macros. Break the basics! – Aaron Levy
  • Anything about new advancements. Maybe some/few all about non-google PPC. – Mark Kennedy
  • Would love to see more “industry specific” chats if possible. Even if not my industry, the specific details help me learn. – Kirk Williams
  • Might be hard to implement but random open forum days might be interesting. Presubmit some questions the day before? – Joe Martinez
  • I’d like to see some “nitty-gritty”. – Jonathan Maltz
  • I really enjoyed the chat that focused on a specific vertical. More of those would be awesome. – John Budzynski
  • Also like the interview chats with engine reps who actually take questions. – Melissa Mackey
  • We do this already, to an extent, but more things to stay ahead of the curve. Innovative ways people are doing PPC, etc. – Luke Alley
  • More cross-channel convos as well. PPC + Email, PPC + SEO, etc. – Mark Kennedy
  • Would still be fun somehow to do a Google Hangout video chat. Details to work out, but a fun idea. – Kirk Williams
  • Discussion on cross-channel strategies (how you integrate PPC with SEO strategy, social, content,etc.) would be interesting. – Timothy Jensen
  • More studies and thoughts on what is the extent of the impact from SEO into PPC/SEM campaigns. – Juan Restrepo (@juanrrestrepo)
  • Would love to see Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads too. – Melissa Mackey
  • More Facebook paid marketing chats would be nice. – Luke Alley

Q5: How could PPCChat be more effective?

  • More participants. Different views. New ideas! – Robert Brady
    • True. Mostly the same people each week… wonder how we could get more people participating? – Luke Alley
  • We desperately need an official PPCChat T-shirt. – David Szetela (@Szetela)
    • This would be an awesome shirt at conferences. – Luke Alley
  • Might be some opps for the site, like a resources page for great PPC content, tools, etc. – Mark Kennedy
  • I think providing actual examples on live accounts = Real Numbers/Metrics. – Juan Restrepo
  • What about adding a “lecture” chat, say, once a month? Screencast maybe? – Jonathan Maltz
  • Maybe crowdsourcing topics (if you don’t already). And t-shirts. Or non-conference meetups. – Aaron Levy
  • I’d like to see PPCChat grow in influence with the search engines (tho it is growing). Suggestions getting taken more seriously, etc. – Kirk Williams
  • Maybe tighter integration with some of the PPC news sites. – Jonathan Maltz
  • What if we did a SEO/PPC integration chat and invited SEO experts? – Melissa Mackey
  • What about crowd-sourcing situational examples and letting people chime in on structure, settings, etc? – Amy Bishop
  • Use Google Hangout & have a few panelists take questions… you can get a faster knowledge dump verbally than over short tweets. – Greg Young

Q6: Are you less inclined to respond to people who aren’t active on the chat? Why or why not?

  • Doesn’t matter to me. If they have a legit question or have something good to share, I want to engage. – Mark Kennedy
  • Just because we’re not always active doesn’t mean we aren’t lurking. – Neil Sorenson (@iNeils)
  • Unless they’re respected and/or known, I probably don’t know about them. PPCChat is generally how I meet other PPCers. – Kirk Williams
  • Not at all, though I am wary of people who exclusively self promote Black Hat PPC. – Aaron Levy
  • Not really, it depends on the knowledge they present and the questions they pose, but credibility does come a long way. – Juan Restrepo
  • Yes, until I get more familiar with them. Seen too many hit and runs looking to promote their own stuff. – James Svoboda
    • The “mute” option in Tweetdeck works well for these. – Kirk Williams
  • If they’re legitimately looking for help or have good stuff to share, yes. If blatant self-promo/hit & run, no. – Melissa Mackey
  • I feel like answering Qs and getting my Qs answered is like a bank account. I have to give deposits to make withdrawals. – Luke Alley

Q7: Who’s the most entertaining PPCChatter?

  • For Rants, there is no one better than Melissa Mackey. – James Svoboda
  • Oh boy, that’s a tough one. Bryant Garvin, Kirk Williams, and Andrew Bethel, and many others come to mind. – Melissa Mackey
  • I have to nominate Kirk Williams for the memes! – Gil Hong (@Gil__Hong)
  • Tough one cause you all make me laugh a lot during the day 🙂 One of the reasons PPCChat is so awesome, light-hearted expertise is good. – Kirk Williams
  • I cast a vote for our gracious host, Mr. Luke Alley. And obviously admiral Matt Umbro, our creator. – Aaron Levy


More PPCChats

Don’t forget to stay tuned for the next #PPCchat on Tuesday at 12 noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific and 5pm in the UK. Same Chat time, same Chat channel.


Check out the PPCChat Twitter list to see and connect with all current and prior participants.

• Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro)
• James Svoboda (@Realicity)
• Paul Kragthorpe (@PaulKragthorpe)
• Aaron Levy (@bigalittlea)
• Amy Bishop (@Hoffman8)
• Bryant Garvin (@BryantGarvin)
• Christina Hall (@Chrissie_Hall85)
• David Szetela (@Szetela)
• Garret McGregor (@mcgregor212)
• Gil Hong (@Gil__Hong)
• Greg Young (@PPCJedi)
• Joe Martinez (@MilwaukeePPC)
• John Budzynski (@Budzynski)
• Jonathan Maltz (@MaltzPPC)
• Joseph Drury (@drurytheelder)
• Juan Restrepo (@juanrrestrepo)
• Kirk Williams (@PPCKirk)
• Lori Caldwell (@LCaldwell)
• Mark Kennedy (@markkennedysem)
• Melissa Mackey (@Mel66)
• Neil Sorenson (@iNeils)
• Nicole Mintiens (@Tregesy)
• Robert Brady (@robert_brady)
• Timothy Jensen (@timothyjjensen)

The Meta Streamcap Creator

This is a guest post by Paul Kragthorpe; works at WebRanking in Minneapolis, Minnesota, #PPCChat Streamcap Grabber. Connect with me @PaulKragthorpe, and Google Plus.

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