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This week Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) came up with yet another great question set titled “Everything Dynamic Ad Copy.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: What is your opinion on Dynamic Keyword Insertion? Why?

  • Use with extreme caution or you’ll get egg on your face (Target, eBay). – Robert Brady (@robert_brady)
  • When I “discovered” it I was really excited. Now I rarely use it. – Steve Cameron (@adventcom)
  • Gotta use it with caution, but very useful for making your ad stand out. – Leo Sussan (@lsussan)
  • If my ad groups are EXTREMELY segmented I will test – otherwise I generally don’t use. – Matt Umbro
  • Like others said, use with caution. Can be great or awful. – Melissa Mackey (@Mel66)
  • Generally evil! Especially now with close variants being taken away, it’s a risk most biz should not take. – Paolo Vidali (@PaoloRobot)
    • But DKI inserts your bidded term, not the SQ. So close variants don’t affect it. – Melissa Mackey
    • For the most part I agree – it can be worth testing if your account structure is solid. – Matt Umbro
    • DKI is definitely a “if you can’t do it well, don’t do it” thing! – Kirk Williams (@PPCKirk)
      • Agreed — also it can be a lazy way out of writing better ad copy. – Paolo Vidali
  • I do not bother with DKI – not worth the risk and time to set up to make sure that it really shines. Better to write your own. – Joseph Drury (@drurytheelder)
  • Has resulted in some of the weirdest headlines I’ve seen. Use with caution. – John Budzynski (@Budzynski)
  • Only have used to test on low volume KWs, but never really liked them. Too dangerous! – Joe Martinez (@MilwaukeePPC)
  • DKI is good for cheating the headline character limit. – Matt Umbro
    • 39 Character headline is the longest I’ve seen with DKI. – James Svoboda
  • I’ve only used it to save time in granular keyword groups. – Gil Hong (@Gil__Hong)
  • Know thy keyword match types and campaign segmentation or suffer the wrath of the DKI fail gods! – James Svoboda (@Realicity)
  • Not a huge fan. Can lead to irrelevant clicks and ads with high CTR’s but low conversion rates. – Margo da Cunha (@ChappyMargot)
  • Dynamic KW insertion needs to be used on tight ad groups. Always has the potential to make your ads look like hot garbage. – Jesse Semchuck (@jessesem)
  • Optimized campaign, good quality scores? DKI can produce amazing CTRs. – Theresa Zook (@I_Marketer)

Q2: What is your opinion on Dynamic Search Ads now that they have been around for 3 years?

  • Varies tremendously. So dependent upon site structure. – Steve Cameron
    • Great point – they somewhat rely on the organic element. – Matt Umbro
    • Exactly. It all comes down to the foundation of your account. If you’re solid, they can help. – Joe Martinez
  • I continue to shout that I love DSAs! – too often they are used incorrectly, but when used right they show great results! – Matt Umbro
  • Decent for filling in the traffic gaps, finding new keyword segments & content promotion, but not a replacement. – James Svoboda
  • I can’t personally use em for legal reasons, sadly. But they’re very cool, great for filling in holes in an account. – Leo Sussan
  • I haven’t used them much, but seems like it can help with campaign scaling in certain niches. – Jesse Semchuck
  • Like so many features, I wish access was limited to the people who know how to do it correctly. – Theresa Zook
  • They’re great for mining new keyword opportunities. – Gil Hong
  • DSA can be useful but it goes back to the correct set-up and implementation. – Christi Olson (@ChristiJOlson)
  • I’m a huge fan of dynamic stuff for campaigns that are only-traffic gen. Highest boost to CTR is matching search term. – Doug Thomas (@ferkungamaboobo)
  • 3 years! Holy cow, time flies. Won’t use it most of times, but is been an interesting substitute of pure broad for volume. – Marcos Ametller (@marcosinsitus)
  • When I don’t experiment w/them for a client, it’s usually b/c the client’s website is inadequate. – Theresa Zook
  • DSAs are good for sites with lots of landing pages. Find them of limited use on small sites. – Richard Fergie (@RichardFergie)

Q3: Have you started using the new ad customizers? What do you think?

  • Started using the Countdown customizer for a client sale. Looks promising, but not enough data yet. – James Svoboda
  • Just got some out the door. Still monitoring, but seems like imp. counts are lower than other ads. – Robert Brady
  • I’m excited to use them – started rolling out and seeing decent results. Having said that, I’m not seeing them show above the organic listings. – Matt Umbro
  • I was starting to build them out yesterday and then I read your post about not appearing above the fold. Now I’m tentative. – Christi Olson
    • The countdown parameter seems to work but not everything else (above the fold that is). I’m seeing them be limited to the right rail- they would be much more impactful with extensions & extended headline. – Matt Umbro
  • Yes, but started just recently. No results to speak of, yet. Love the concept, thoug. – Martin Roettgerding (@bloomarty)

Q4: How will ad customizers impact the overall ad creative landscape?

  • Creating a sense of urgency is a pretty standard messaging practice, though I wonder if there will be urgency fatigue? – Gil Hong
  • I think these customizers are a powerful opponent to PLAs – PLAs always get the first view/click. Ad customizers will better help text ads stand out against the PLAs. – Matt Umbro
  • I already see a trend of answering the “why” question instead of the “what” question. Ad customizers help with that. – Joe Martinez
  • Newbie/DIY are going to suffer–harder to “do it right”. Will lower the overall quality of the landscape for us all. – Theresa Zook
  • Not only do ad customizers add urgency, but they are dynamic like PLAs – they just don’t show the images. – Matt Umbro
  • A lot. For instance, We’ll now be able to have Sale ads that we can reuse for years and just update the data feed. – James Svoboda
  • Will be interesting to see stats. I still suspect that images > urgency text in our visual culture. – Kirk Williams
    • Don’t forget about merchant promotions for PLA. They can also show countdowns once clicked. – Gil Hong
      • Good point – though they already have the benefit of the image right away. – Matt Umbro
  • On a lesser note, I think stuff like ad customizers give us PPC professionals more job security, It forces us to go beyond the day to day and learn more advanced features/coding. – Matt Umbro
    • Becoming technical marketers is an absolute must these days! – Paolo Vidali
  • I doubt ad customizers will be used very much in the near future – too complicated for most. – Martin Roettgerding
  • Yes, ad customizers aren’t as important as the fundamentals and account goals, but a skilled PPC professional will integrate them. – Matt Umbro
  • Ad customizers are great for retailers and everyone who wants to advertise a large number of similar entities. Beyond that… well, the countdown thing is nice. – Martin Roettgerding
  • A lot of these new features don’t apply to B2B advertisers. – Melissa Mackey
    • To a certain extent – but B2B advertisers can get creative with the customizers. ie: Only 4 days left to sing up for our webinar. – Matt Umbro

Q5: What do you make of Dynamic Remarketing now being available for more verticals.

  • Again we will have to balance the benefit with the time commitment. This is not a checkbox we can just tick. – Steve Cameron
  • Great for increasing your reach, Google Profits, and your reputation as a Web Stalker. – James Svoboda
  • I very much think that Google should stop innovating when I’m away on an island in the sun – haven’t checked it out. – Martin Roettgerding
  • Really helps us B2B’ers showcase our products in a different vertical that we couldn’t do w/ PLAs. Already seen good results. – Joe Martinez
  • My experience with Dynamic Remarketing is that it never performs as good as optimized static image ads. – Andrew Bethel (@AndrewPPC)
    • Certain audiences don’t perform well – I find DR works better with the shoppers further down the funnel (big surprise). – Matt Umbro
      • Still. Put Abandon Cart with Dynamic VS Static and Static should win 100% of the time with proper creative. – Andrew Bethel

Q6: What are your thoughts on the importance dynamic creative will play in the future?

  • It’ll be important for advanced PPC managers & reduce volume of ad variations in accounts. Looking forward to more. – James Svoboda
  • Is going to become vital as people become increasingly used to being served that kind of ad. – Theresa Zook
  • I always come back to PLAs – we’ve seen how huge the dynamic landscape is with these ads. – Matt Umbro
  • High importance for sophisticated advertisers for the (structured) long tail. For most: not that important. – Martin Roettgerding
  • Google Shopping campaings are an early form of Keywordless PPC. – James Svoboda
    • Exactly, and DSAs, and the move to further audience based targeting. – Matt Umbro
  • I think people might start assuming that ads that aren’t as targeted probably won’t give the right results? – Theresa Zook
    • Agreed, especially because they think that now. – Matt Umbro
      • But this goes beyond the kind of “targeted” ads that have been served up until this point. IMO. – Theresa Zook

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• Richard Fergie (@RichardFergie)
• Robert Brady (@robert_brady)
• Steve Cameron (@adventcom)
• Theresa Zook (@I_Marketer)

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