Understanding the Dimensions Tab

This week Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) came up with yet another great question set titled “Understanding the Dimensions Tab.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: The Dimensions tab was originally met w/ opposition as it replaced legacy reporting. What are your thoughts on the feature now?

  • There is a big part of me that still misses the old reporting workflows. – Chris Haleua (@chrishaleua)
  • I use it for qute a few different metrics, so I am a fan so far. – Mark Kennedy (@markkennedysem)
  • Extremely valuable and faster than old-style reporting. – David Szetela (@Szetela)
  • Hoping to learn more in this chat about how people use it best. – Kirk Williams (@KECreate)
  • Huge fan of dimensions, especially the various time based views. – George Gilmer (@GeorgeGilmer)
  • Feels like a “catch all” bucket for misc. data points. Metrics such as Top Movers and Free Clicks aren’t really “dimensions”. – Matt Wilkinson (@WilkinsonSEM)
  • Like most PPC changes, moving from the old reporting style was met with resistance but is now well received. – Matt Umbro
  • Agree with consensus so far: tons of useful features. – Timothy Jensen (@timothyjjensen)
  • Love it. Such a time saver when I need to quickly look at data certain ways for quick optimizations. – Kristin Pribble (@kristinpribble)
  • I guess I was just hesitant to change, but if anything is constant in SEM it is change. – Chris Haleua
  • If you have the time to disect all the info, it’s a great feature. – Richard Banks (@RichardJABanks)
  • Far more intuitive & organized for discovering insights & optimization opportunities. – Nicole Mintiens (@Tregesy)
  • Now the Dimensions tab is my go to source for high level and detailed reviews of my account and campaign metrics. – Matt Umbro
  • Still a ton of useful data points, but could become cumbersome if they keep adding “dimensions” that aren’t as actionable. – Matt Wilkinson
  • Paid-v-Organic segment has been helpful for our internal SEO team as well, especially when it comes to valuable KWD data. – Dave Rosborough (@daverosborough)

Q2: How does the Dimensions tab make your life easier and/or more difficult? Why?

  • Makes life easier when looking for speciifc data – time-related geo-related, etc. – Mark Kennedy
  • Actionable (and/or interesting) data served up in a convenient format. What’s not to like? – Theresa Zook (@I_Marketer)
  • Not even sure where to start here ha”¦time and geo reports are what I probably use most. – Timothy Jensen
  • Time Reporting is crucial for me in the off season. – Andrew Bethel (@AndrewPPC)
  • It makes it both easier and faster to look at data for conversions by time of day, day of week and by geography, etc. – Kristin Pribble
  • Dimensions tab helps w/ bid adjustment decision making. – Margot da Cunha (@ChappyMargot)
  • It’s good to segment by day and time to compare cost day on day. – Richard Banks
  • FYI, the Dimensions tab combined with filters is a great win. – Matt Umbro
  • Easier to identify poor/top performers through “Top Movers” segment has made my life pretty easy when diagnosing issues. – Dave Rosborough
  • I was bummed at first when they launched the segment without conversion data though. – Dave Rosborough
  • It certainly has leveled the playing field. I’ve been running dayparting heatmaps for years…No longer a differentiator. – Matt Wilkinson
  • Labels in conjunction w/ Time/Day dimension reporting=huge hourssaved in making day parting analysis across time zones. – Nicole Stormberg (@NicoleStormberg)
  • Dim tab is great for breaking down data in new ways. I just hate that you can only do one dimension at a time. Wish it were 3-4. – Michelle Morgan (@michellemsem)
    • You can add segments when downloading the report. – Matt Umbro
    • You can pull multiple dimension breakdowns through Adobe Analytics Data Extracts. – Chris Haleua
  • Useful for both old and new verticals to establish times and days for the appropriate budget increases or decreases. – Disruptive Ads (@DisruptiveAds)

Q3: What is the hidden gem in the AdWords Dimension tab? Bing Ads?

  • Maybe not a gem, but I love seeing the data by location. Good for bid adjusts and landing page targeting (and seo). – Mark Kennedy
    • Being able to view actual vs. “location of interest” is super useful. – Timothy Jensen
      • Good point. eg- People live in city, but search for things in suburbs. – Mark Kennedy
  • The hidden gem is any of the segments combined with a pivot table IMO. Powerful stuff! – Dave Rosborough
  • Hour of day, great for excluding ads and monitoring ad spend. – Richard Banks
  • I’ve found Bing’s dimensions tab to be more trouble than it’s worth. Would rather pull down reports by hand. – George Gilmer
  • Within Bing Ads I like being able to see the website publishers at a glance. – Matt Umbro
  • The top movers report has been helpful for getting a quick overview of changes in the account and possible factors for those. – Kristin Pribble
  • Shouldn’t be a ‘hidden gem’, but if it is then get to know ‘user location’. Super helpful. – Disruptive Ads

Q4: Do you use the Top Movers report? Why or why not? If so, what benefits do you find with the Top Movers report?

  • I do not use this report. Probably should look at it more often. – Andrew Bethel
  • Not really. If I want to do a time-comparison report, I will do it in excel. – Mark Kennedy
  • Haven’t used it, but after looking….I will be! – Richard Banks
  • With solid campaign management tools (shoutout: Marin), you should already be getting most of this info through alerts. – Matt Wilkinson
  • Echoing the sentiments here I do not, however, I’m glad conversion data has been added. – Matt Umbro
  • Great way to get a quick rundown on how campaigns have changed over time…for better or worse. – Disruptive Ads
  • Quick high-level insights for monthly reports & areas to drill down into for adjustment impacts. – Nicole Mintiens
  • Not really. We utilize the dimensions tabs more. Layer on great integration with Marin we don’t rely on it. – Ira Kates (@IraKates)
  • Not really, no. Haven’t had the need the utility quite yet. – Michelle Morgan
  • I usually use the “top movers” conversion data to find those campaigns that recorded the biggest losses, then drill down. – Dave Rosborough
  • It helps to see the impact of changes made to a campaign quickly in terms of traffic, cost, etc. – Kristin Pribble

Q5: What metric/metric combination would you like to see in the Dimensions tab? Why?

  • I’m always desperate for conversion assist data. That and call data. – Theresa Zook
    • Agreed – assisted conversion data would be huge. – Matt Umbro
  • I’d like to see the day-parting heatmap (look at my background image) directly in the UI. Currently generated via 3rd party. – Matt Wilkinson
  • Income level demographics similar to the location targeting feature. – Nicole Mintiens
  • Being able to see conversion name & device data tied together. – Robert Brady (@robert_brady)
  • Combining time and geo data would be cool. – Mark Kennedy
  • Oh there are so many. Device performance per hour of the day. Conversion name and device. – Michelle Morgan
    • Conversion name & device. I see we’re on the same page. – Robert Brady
  • Conversions by day of week and hour of day in one view. – Kristin Pribble
    • You can do this by adding a custom segment when going to download the report, just not in the actual interface. – Matt Umbro
  • Maybe incorporate a new segment where advertisers could break down their custom attribution model data and poke around. – Dave Rosborough
  • Hour of day based on time-zone targeting for calls/conversions (currently use labels as a workaround). – Nicole Mintiens

Q6: How has the new shopping data available in specific shopping campaigns’ dimension tab helped you optimize?

  • Have not tested. Looking forward to digging in, though. – Theresa Zook
  • New Shopping specific campaign allows for product level data – very helpful! – Matt Umbro
  • It’s huge being able to break out by product types taxonomy… one client has over 2500 products and are also B&M. – John Redfield (@John__Redfield)
  • Well, this is the only place you can find the SQR now in these campaigns (even tho it’s only campaign level). – Kirk Williams
  • Liking the product level data as well… Looking to get more data over the next few weeks. – Steve Racicot (@sjrconsulting)
  • Glad to have impression share for product ads. – Chris Haleua

Q7: How do you use the call details report and do you share this report with clients? Why or why not?

  • I don’t use it, we use 3rd party call tracking. – Mark Kennedy
  • Depends on the client, but if they’re using Google call tracking then yes I use it & share it. – Robert Brady
  • I generally don’t share with clients as I don’t trust the data, but it does give an indication of user activity. – Matt Umbro
    • Can you elaborate, what kind of discrepancies have you found? – John Redfield
      • Inflation of calls and wrong number calls. – Matt Umbro
  • We’ve found 3rd party call tracking has been more beneficial. We like to send call recordings to clients, etc. – Disruptive Ads
  • Just trying this out w/ one client this week, and def. will share metrics with them. – John Refield
  • Compare calls w/Marchex calls to see if they match. Rely on Marchex for more detailed call reporting. – Nicole Mintiens

Q8: What custom segments do you create when downloading a report from the Dimensions tab (ie: geographic data w day of week data)?

  • Depends. For trends, download labels by day of the week & time of day then Pivot to know how groups perform over time. – Michelle Morgan


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