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This week Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) came up with yet another great question set titled “AdWords Dynamic Remarketing.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: For those who haven’t implemented AdWords Dynamic Remarketing, what have been your biggest hurdles?

  • Clients’ websites not suitable. – Theresa Zook (@I_Marketer)
  • lack of agility with outside code vendor in control of dev responsibilities. – Nate Knox (@nateknox)
  • Code implementation – multiply client troubles implementing remarketing code by 2! – Matt Umbro
  • Two things – getting code right in CMS systems & getting clients on board with the concept (assuring that it’s not creepy). – Julie Bacchini (@NeptuneMoon)
  • Being in the dating industry we had a hard time getting approval for the dynamic re-marketing product. – Brennan Brooks (@brennanbrooks)
  • Some clients are more capable than others with feed mgt to update inventory & pricing. Dyn Remktg is tough w/o accurate data. – Andrew Miller (@AndrewCMiller)
    • This is a huge issue sometimes. It can ruin PLAs, too. “Some clients are more capable than others with feed mgt”¦” – Nate Knox
  • I’d also say the understanding of how to setup profitable campaigns. Google gives you the audiences and templates but I don’t know that this process is completely understood by advertisers yet. – Matt Umbro
    • worth ensuring your Privacy Policy is updated too. – Russell McAthy (@therustybear)
  • Even when implemented code implementation and validation have been a PAIN! – Bryant Garvin (@BryantGarvin)
  • Limited access to client’s merchant center and limited inventory information. – Billy McCall (@TheWTMIV)
    • For me, it’s not limited access to MC, it’s limited access to the E-Com backend to control the product feed. – Nate Knox
  • Yes agree with a lot of others, code implementation and keeping feeds up to date can be problematic – DBD Media (@dbdsearch)

Q2: Do you run Dynamic Remarketing campaigns in conjunction with legacy Remarketing campaigns? Why or why not?

  • Currently, yes to see how they interact. Still experimenting though. – Kirk Williams (@KECreate)
  • Absolutely. Remarketing can be used for more than just the “one product sale”. – Bryant Garvin
  • I do…I’ve tested having lower bids on legacy remarketing campaigns and also tried turning off legacy campaign. Results haven’t been conclusive. – Matt Umbro
  • Absolutely. Similarly to the SERPs, I want to take over as much inventory as possible (when that idea makes sense). – Nate Knox
    • Good point. Its all about shelf space even in display. – Brennan Brooks
  • I try not to mess with campaigns that are working, and remarketing is always working. I just let it run in conjunction. – Brennan Brooks
  • Yes. Not sure how and if any negative cannibalization effect occurs though. – Louis (@B_Louis)
    • I worry less about cannibalization now that I know the conversions are cheaper w/dynamic. (For this one client, anyhow.) – Theresa Zook
  • Wouldn’t it be wise to always be testing product-specific ads (dynamic) vs offer/promotional ads (general) with the 2 ad types? – Andrew Miller
    • Yes, I think the fear is that one will show more than the other and you won’t get an accurate picture. – Matt Umbro
      • Guess it depends on getting enough Impr and Click volume to get significant results. – Andrew Miller
  • Yes. Legacy remarketing provided a nice benchmark for us to gauge performance initially. – Dave Rosborough (@daverosborough)
  • To further expand done right remarketing can be used to remind “previous customers” to come back, Educate on new Products etc. – Bryant Garvin
    • True. I also like that you can target past buyers via DR…try and upsell them on more products. – Matt Umbro
  • Yes. Dynamic is great for engaging non-purchasers, gen. rmktg can be effective in connecting w/ purchasers. – Jennifer Vickery (@JennVick)

Q3: To what extent do you customize your Dynamic Remarketing ad templates (ie: button color, background, etc)?

  • I use the Chrome Color Picker extension to customize my ad template backgrounds and buttons. – Matt Umbro
    • What are the benefits you have seen from using the extension? – Billy McCall
      • I can’t single this feature out, but generally the ads using brand colors perform better. – Matt Umbro
      • Because with design theory there is a consistency to the “brand” Color Pallete works well together as well. We are “visual” creatures. The more visually inviting something is the more likely we are to interact. – Bryant Garvin
  • yes, mainly for text ads. but dynamic remarketing out performs those. Definitely need colours to be on-brand. – Rob Watson (@robpwatson)
  • Ads should always be “on brand.” Beyond that, test, test, test and find what works best. – Nate Knox
  • Right now, not really a whole lot. I see that as good experimentation once an ad group proves to be profitable. – Kirk Williams
  • I’ve A/B tested all but, the variable that provides the biggest change in CTR is background. At least that’s what I’ve seen. – Brennan Brooks
    • Do you use the brand color for the background or a specific theme? – Matt Umbro
      • I use our brand color for the background now. Big difference. – Brennan Brooks
  • We will always want to customize to a certain extent to stay consistent with branding. – Parallel Path (@parallelpath)
  • Coincentally, the latest update to Dynamic Remarketing helps to better integrate brand colors. – Matt Umbro
  • As long as ads are on brand, that’s good enough. Beyond that, you might as well contact media sales reps. – Nate Knox
  • Criteo have a nice feature where you can show promotional messages too. Like 50% off sale, etc. wish google had that. – Rob Watson
  • Start with the color schemes pulled in run on let Google Select Ads initially and then use that for learning to customize. – Bryant Garvin

Q4: Which Dynamic Remarketing ad templates do you find work best? Worst?

  • The typical skyscraper and header work best for my clients. Other sizes are too unusual / atypical to see much action or results. – Nate Knox
  • Really depends on the product. Have a ‘Fine Art” sports client and ones that look like “trading cards images” work well. – Bryant Garvin
  • I dislike the templates that have nothing but images (unless hovered over). Makes boring commercial equipment look awful. – Kirk Williams
    • I feel the opposite way…guess it depends on the industry. – Matt Umbro
  • I’m finding that the ads showcasing 4 – 6 product images at a time with little text tend to do well. – Matt Umbro
    • I think this depends heavily upon the products being advertised. Pretty products can have more image focused ads, etc. – Kirk Williams
  • Typical ad sizes get the most traction. But if you have the resources, it doesn’t hurt to make them all. – Jesse Semchuck (@jessesem)
  • Also different sizes work better for some than others.300×250 and 160×600 usually perform well. – Bryant Garvin
  • For my clients, big images with prices listed reinforces the idea that the person should buy from us; t captures the shopper. – Nate Knox

Q5: What are some custom Dynamic Remarketing audiences you have setup (aside from the standard ones)? How have they performed?

  • Honestly, this is something I struggle with. The standard products can perform well, but can waste a lot. “It Depends!” I also try to break things down into categories or even select brands. I do this and then may set up interests. – Nate Knox
  • Previous customers vs. non-converters, recency, abandoned carts…all the normal remarketing segments. – Andrew Miller
  • It’s definitely beneficial to set up audiences around users who added to cart but never purchased. – Parallel Path
  • Viewers of >2 pages including product pages, using GA remarketing. – Rob Watson
  • I love remarketing to people who have already put the product in the cart. Then they keep seeing what they almost got. – Derek Ostler (@DerekOstler)
  • Biggest one for me is creating multiple “recency buckets” to test. Have found it can dramatically impact ROI. – Bryant Garvin
  • Using Perfect Audience for cart retargeting on the FBX exchange and killing it. – Jesse Semchuck
  • I actually stay away from previous customers. For my clients, one buy is strong enough to bring people back on its own. – Nate Knox
  • Just a fundemental difference, but DR ads don’t have as much ability to showcase offers/promos as legacy remarketing ads. – Matt Umbro
    • Yet one more reason to use them both. Play to your strengths (or in this case the products). – Bryant Garvin
  • We’ve got buckets for the purchase page, cart, checkout and pixels in our emails. Lots of segmentation. – Jesse Semchuck
  • Wish we could just have bid modifiers for recency on remarketing in AdWords. Would make life so much easier. – Bryant Garvin
    • One might say it would “enhance” the remarketing experience. – Matt Umbro
  • Tested custom combo designed to target date ranges. For example, created a 360 day list & excluded it from 180 day list. – Dave Rosborough
  • Perfect Audience is awesome for FBX exchange. If you are going to do FBX do it with Perfect Audience. – Brennan Brooks
  • We still target high-value previous customers, but don’t count the results (great ROI) in our acquisition reporting. This way, you can target specific date ranges in the past, rather than just the previous 180, etc. However, AdWords system deemed user count too small to target. – Andrew Miller
  • Also do deeper retargeting discounts on date intervals. 3, 7, 14 & 30 day. The 30 is the hail mary – 50% off + free shipping. – Jesse Semchuck
  • With a time sensitive product for a client that DR best applies to, we test member durations across the standard audiences. – Billy McCall

Q6: What results have you seen with Dynamic Remarketing? Are you surprised?

  • All in all, DR has allowed for more conversions that I might not have received otherwise at roughly the same cost per conversion. Keep in mind to consistently update ad group/audience bids…don’t want all visitors and product viewers canabilizing spend. – Matt Umbro
  • We’ve seen interesting results w/ segmenting non-purchasers that live in the city of a client’s brick-and-mortar store. – Jennifer Vickery
  • One more tip – put image ads and text ads in seperate ad groups…gives greater insight when making bid changes. – Matt Umbro

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