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This week Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) came up with yet another great question set titled “Facebook Retargeting.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: What FB Retargeting vendor do you use? Why do you prefer this vendor?

  • I’ve been using @PerfectAudience based upon a John Lee recommendation…very pleased so far. – Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro)
  • Definitely AdRoll as we believe they we were one of the first ones to open up for the news feed retargeting. – KlientBoost (@KlientBoost)
  • Transparent & proactive. They don’t try to take credit for everything and are generally helpful/responsive. – Aaron Levy (@bigalittlea)
    • Great point and something we’ll get into a little later (I’m looking at you view-through-conversion). – Matt Umbro
  • Yup, and Quantcast. – Heather Cooan (@HeatherCooan)
    • Quantcast data can be useful, they’re similar to an alexa or compete. – Harris Neifield (@HarrisNeifield)
  • looked at Chango but their entry costs were too high. Started with AdRolla nd then extended into fbx. – Steve Cameron (@adventcom)
  • PerfectAudience is great, but definitely not as easy to use as AdRoll. Some are still confined to sidebar retargeting with PA. – KlientBoost
  • I use AdRoll for FB Retargeting because FBX = good ROI. – Jonathan Levey (@jlevey)
  • Wow, no love for @triggit? Smart folks over there. And they are all in on FBX. – PPC Associates (@PPCAssociates)

Q2: How much value do you place on view-through-conversions that various FB Retargeting vendors provide? Why?

  • At this point, none. SHOULD we weigh them? Probably, but haven’t done enough analysis to make a compelling case. – Aaron Levy
  • View throughs in general (FB or otherwise) aren’t very useful. I tested dummy ads against real and the dummy did better. – Harris Neifield
  • I always take VTC’s with a grain of salt- you don’t know whether the conversion would have happened if visitor didn’t see the ad. – Matt Umbro
    • And you don’t know if the view is being viewed at all! – Steve Cameron
  • Certain retargeting companies can run a test showing the impact of the VTC for your account. I recommend checking if yours does. – Neil Sorenson (@iNeils)
  • VERY little…there is so much traffic on facebook, and most people I speak with pay little to no attention. – Jeff Loquist (@jmloquist)
  • Whenever you create FB ads, make sure to tag your links so you can get the truth from Analytics! – Matt Umbro
    • Great tip – good habit to track all online activity through 1 single platform – or at least a platform each to measure. – Anisha Dattani (@AnishaDattani)
    • Facebook strips out the query strings on the newsfeed ads. – Steve Cameron
  • Not much value. VTCs indicate the ad’s influence on the customer’s tendency to convert. – Jonathan Levey
  • I look at assists over view throughs. View through is such an old school metric. – Heather Cooan
  • I’ve always thought VT’s deserved _some_ weight, but never had the time to figure how much. – Aaron Levy
  • View through value could/can vary greatly by client. TEST! – Harris Neifield
  • This is the aichlee’s heel of so many platforms – ‘here are numbers, we have don’t know how important the number is. – Harris Neifield

Q3: Can B2B and/or lead gen clients succeed using FB Retargeting? How so?

  • I think it depends on what “success” means, im not sure most see Facebook as a lead gen platform.. do they? – Anisha Dattani
  • Of course! Tactics/ads have to differ since you’re following audience from professional to social lives, but works well. – Aaron Levy
  • Why not? Retargeting is as much of a reminder as anything else. If its a retargeted visitor, they have SOME interest in the biz. – Neil Sorenson
  • If you are B2B or lead gen, the call to action might be a special promotion – not necessarily a whitepaper download. – Matt Umbro
  • FBX does what retargeting does – but in my experience more effectively and more cost effectively. – Steve Cameron
  • Yes. Professionals work all the time, need to be respectively of the ‘intrusion’ into their personal space but it can work. – Harris Neifield
  • Yes. Definitely. It’s a supplement to our lead nurturing funnel. – Jonathan Levey
  • I think most use Facebook for awareness/social engagement as opposed to lead gen. Not the right frame of mind for converting. – Niki Grant (@TheNikiGrant)
    • But when in the newsfeed, there is a lowering of the defenses. – Steve Cameron
      • Only with regards to attitude. It’s on par with TV advertising IMO. More subliminal messaging than direct response. – Niki Grant
        • Except they are not getting up to go to the bathroom or hopping channels when your ad shows up! – Steve Cameron
  • FB Retargeting is even better option for B2B than normal FB Ads. You can re-catch and reaffirm when they are in a dif. mindset. – James Svoboda (@Realicity)
  • Yes, especially with dynamic retargeting. LinkedIn has advantages, but if user expresses intent by visiting a page, hop on it. – PPC Associates
  • FB is definitely worth a test to see if the B2B/professional audience will work. TEST, TEST, TEST. – Harris Neifield
  • FBX usually works and if not it’s a safe cheap test, if the audience isn’t there nothing lost but maybe a little time. – Heather Cooan

Q4: Should FB Retargeting be the next logical step for clients wanting to get more targeted traffic? Why? (As a caveat, this question assumes you’ve already exhausted many Google and Bing features)

  • It’s an idea worth investigating, but targeted traffic can come from many sources with demo capabilities (linkedin). possibly. – Harris Neifield
    • Definitely a different audience so a hard comparo. What if your site’s audience doesn’t happen to use FB much? – Neil Sorenson
  • With the results we’ve been seeing. Absolutely. – KlientBoost
  • An addition rather than a replacement and let’s not forget you can only remarket to clients who already visited your page”¦ you have to get the first visit somehow. – Steve Cameron
  • Hummm… next step for traffic… not sure. But absolutly should be considered be for any Remarketing initiatives. – James Svoboda
  • If your account is already engaged in Adwords remarketing then FBX is a good logical step. Not sure FBX should happen 1st tho. – Neil Sorenson
    • Agreed, AdWords is best to begin. – Matt Umbro
  • FB Retargeting gets more targeted traffic because it brings visitors back to your site and keeps your brand top of mind. – Jonathan Levey
  • I think so – you know the traffic is already qualified. – Matt Umbro
  • Can (and should) be used to engage captured website traffic more effectively, for sure! – AdRoll (@AdRoll)
  • I’d also say it should be a next step for brand building for FB Page and across platforms like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. – James Svoboda
    • It’s a great next step (especially for ecomm) because you can dip into the social pool while keeping ROI as the main focus. – Matt Umbro
  • We’re probably also still on honeymoon. As FBX traffic builds there may well be a user backlash. – Steve Cameron
  • Definitely a “next step”, but needs to be watched very closely, I have yet to see definitive proof from anyone they work well. – Jeff Loquist

Q5: How do you change your copy in FB ads vs Google/Bing (if you do at all)?

  • Newsfeed very different from sidebar ads – more friendly, less sell. – Steve Cameron
  • I’m a big fan of the 90 character body count, but still important to list most important points quickly. – Matt Umbro
  • Definitely more targeted to the “social” benefits. How can it enhance a lifestyle. – Jeff Loquist
  • Short & Sweet. They know who we are so we try to be a bit more ridiculous than the first time around. – KlientBoost
  • FBX ads need to stand out enough to distract from cat/baby pics. Had success w/ high contrast images & question-based ads. – Aaron Levy
  • I make my headlines stand out more – don’t need to worry about using the right keyword. – Matt Umbro
  • Our FB ads reflect our brand message, but utilize larger character limit than Google/Bing to highlight benefits. – Jonathan Levey
  • A call-to-engage on News Feed ads. Utilize/maximize social elements (like/share/comment). – Jonathan Lau (@jlau29)
  • Tone changes. More social/inclusivity, less fear/exclusivity. – PPC Associates

Q6: What types of images should you use for your ads? Why?

  • Picture of batman was my best performer ever. – Aaron Levy
  • Ones that look out of the ordinary. – KlientBoost
  • NOT STOCK. It’s Facebook. It’s social. Be real. – PPC Associates
  • Chango does use a cat in their ad! – Matt Umbro
  • High contrast images, no portraits. Logo does fine in most cases, but more off the wall the better for CTR sake! – Aaron Levy
  • Tested same image with and without bright fluorescent border. Sorry to say the borders almost doubled CTR. – Steve Cameron
  • It helps that the new newsfeed images are 200×200. – Steve Cameron
  • Get away from the traditional White and Blue colors of facebook to stand out. – Garret McGregor (@mcgregor212)


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