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This week Sean Evanko (@sevanko) guest hosted with a great question set titled “AdWords Scripting.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: How are you using AdWords Scripting?

  • I’ve used scripts for reporting and ad delivery changes…very time effective. – Stephen Hall (@SteveOneClick)
  • Quality score tracking for a couple small accounts. – Noah Brooks (@noahbrooks)
  • I’ve only used them for reporting. Looking forward to learning some more today! – Jesse Semchuck (@jessesem)
  • I think they have a lot of potential, but not a lot of people know how to use them or have time to set them up. – Noah Brooks
    • Yea, we have a programmer helping us out, but kind of a steep learning curve if you don’t have access to one. – Gil Hong
  • Scripts help us manage multiple clients. We have weekly/monthly reports that email out if certain metrics dip/exceed 20%. – Gil Hong (@ghong_af)
  • I’ve used the canned scripts and found them pretty helpful and easy to use for me being a non-coder. – Nefer Lopez (@Nefer_L)
  • We have started to use them here through @G5Woody for budget management across mutlitple clients. – David Beltramini (@dbeltramini)

Q2: What results have you seen with the scripts you’ve used?

  • We’ve seen more accountability and better prioritization in account management. Especially when you’re handling 30+ accounts. – Gil Hong
  • Extremely helpful but limited to non-enterprise accounts. Just don’t have the power to handle huge amounts of data. – Noah Brooks
  • It’s been interesting to pay attention to QS changes w/scripts, but the results haven’t exactly been groundbreaking. – Stephen Hall
    • I’ve been tracking the QS as well. I feel the same, interesting but no big surprises. – Sean Evanko
      • Right. the best use/benefit I can see is to have a historical record of QS at any point in time. that helps. – Stephen Hall
  • We’ve used this countdown with a few clients and have seen positive results: Google Developers – Counting down to the big sale. – Sean Evanko
  • Reminder, don’t forget to name your scripts descriptively, especially when managing multiple accounts. – Stephen Hall
  • The automation is what’s really helpful when you have a large client load. – Jason Woodman (@G5Woody)
  • Time saving ad pausing/enabling fun! – Elizabeth Marsten (@ebkendo)
  • The canned KW Report I’ve found helpful and also QS tracker is awesome. – Nefer Lopez

Q3: How are you learning/sharing scripting info? Any resources you can share?

  • has helped out. Not free tho. – Nefer Lopez
  • Loving anything @fvallaeys is putting up on SEL. – Elizbeth Marsten
  • Since I have weak coding skills I’ve only implemented scripts from the Developer network, i.e. Google Developers. – Stephen Hall
  • Been getting up to speed using Mozilla’s resources. – George Gilmer (@GeorgeGilmer)
  • Online tutorials. In-house engineers filling in the gaps. is a good resource for copy and paste scripts. – Jason Woodman
  • Having a goal always helps learning… in my case it was to share scripts on my blog & the occasional forum discussion. – Martin Rottgerding (@bloomarty)
  • Mozilla has been the biggest help for me. – Bryan Cisler (@Bryan_Cisler)

Q4: What, if any resources are you dedicating to scripting?

  • Only my own time. Authorization limits prevent us from using scripts at scale – can have 10-15 active scripts in all accounts. Also other limits (running time, entities) prevent us from making scripts that are applicable to any account. So a script that works in account A might not work in B because B has too many campaigns/ads/keywords. – Martin Rottgerding
    • You bring up some good points. What other drawbacks/limitations have you seen with the scripts? – Sean Evanko
      • I think Scripts are powerful for certain tasks, but there are few standard applications that you’d want to apply to many accounts. – Martin Rottgerding

Q5: What would you like to see supported in AdWords scripts?

  • More stats. For example, you can’t see / use conversion value, lost IS any many other statitics in scripts. And I hope they get the authorization limit extended. 10-15 scripts for all clients in an MCC make scripts hard to use for agencies. – Martin Rottgerding


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  1. Russ Savage says:

    Hi Sean, I maintain and just wanted to say that I’m glad I could help people get started. I’m always interested in how people are using AdWords scripts and new ideas.


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