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This week Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) came up with yet another great question set titled “AdWords Shared Library.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: Do you make use of any features in the shared library? If so, which ones and why?

  • Yes, every option, though not for every client. Audiences is most common use for me. – Nate Knox (@nateknox)
  • Remarketing audiences & negative keyword lists – convenience! – Timothy Jensen (@timothyjjensen)
  • Shared budgets FTW! Because shared budgets are easier than multiple individual campaign budgets for simple campaigns. – Melissa Mackey (@Mel66)
  • Shared audiences I do. – Matthew Umbro (@Matt_Umbro)
  • Shared Budget -> Because its awesome! And also Remarketing as we don’t use GA for that yet. And negative keyword lists. – Ravi Sodha (@ravisodha)
  • Sure, all of them, I guess. I like negative keyword lists in particular… – Martin Rottgerding (@bloomarty)
  • egative Keyword Lists: Always and the best feature in the library! Audiences for Remarketing: Quite Often. Budgets: Sometimes. – James Svoboda (@Realicity)
  • Shared negatives are nice, but sure would be great to be able to see them in AE as I manage individual camps in Adwords Editor. – Max Fink (@maxfink_SEM)
  • Mostly use the Campaign Negative Keyword Lists. – Cody Blair (@TheCodyBlair)
  • I loved using shared budgets across device/intent segmented campaigns, but EC makes shared budgets kinda useless for me. – Gil Hong (@ghong_af)
  • Shared audiences. We use a 3rd party tool for shared negatives. – Jeremy Brown (@JBGuru)
  • Negative keyword lists for account-wide negatives. Same for placements. – Bethany Bey (@Bethany_Bey)
  • I tend to use campaign negatives (keywords & placements) at the initial build/launch, then go forward with specific negatives. – Nate Knox

Q2: Have you used the shared budget feature? If so, in what situations and how do you feel it works best?

  • I use shared budgets for low-spend clients that are always budget-limited. Reduces time spent monitoring pacing. That said, shared budget can favor one campaign over others; still need to monitor & adjust. – Melissa Mackey
    • I agree with Melissa that shared budget can be good for smaller campaigns, just need to monitor dispersal of budget. – Matt Umbro
  • Yes, but only to keep things completely reigned back when making significant changes. EC is going to kill that use for me. – Nate Knox
  • When first testing out display and I have one budget but multiple display campaigns. – Bethany Bey
  • Organizing device/intent segmented campaigns by budget. E.g. maintaining one mobile budget across promo campaigns, targets,etc. – Gil Hong
  • I don’t use shared budget specifically because of one campaign potentially canobalizing the budget. – Matt Umbro
    • I agree about the cannibalization issues – not enough control. – Julie Bacchini (@NeptuneMoon)
    • I see it more like giving a robust campaign extra funds when ear-marked budgets don’t spend out well. – Gil Hong
  • We don’t use. We have 3rd party features which are similar in the rare cases we need them. – Jeremy Brown
  • IME it works best on large branded campaigns where you don’t necessarily have a capped budget–helps keep things simple I guess. – Max Fink
  • Shared budgets are helpful when you have two campaigns just for the sake of order, like separate brands. Shared budgets are no more or less cannibalizing then adgroups in a single campaign. – Martin Rottgerding
    • Good point, but you can then break out ad groups into own campaigns which technically you can just stop the shared budget with a campaign that cannibalizes the others. – Matt Umbro
      • Yeah, and it’s the same with shared budgets: if something needs a separate budget (or breathing room), separate it. – Martin Rottgerding
  • I use them for geo-targeted campaigs. Best used when one of the campaigns isn’t a big spender. – Ravi Sodha
    • That seems like a good way to test your markets w/ limited budget. – Gil Hong
  • I won’t use shared budget until after data collecting phase because it makes it tough to split test between different campaigns. – Bryan Cisler (@Bryan_Cisler)
  • Does Bing have a Shared Budget feature? – Eric Bryant (@GnosisArts)
  • I purposely structure accounts in a way that doesn’t require shared budgets. Smaller budget=less campaigns. – Niki Grant (@TheNikiGrant)
  • IMO Shared budgets are wonky. They cap all campaigns sharing them instead of being used as an overflow on higer volume days. – James Svoboda
  • Shared budgets are helpful when there’s no cannibalization. They make a nice addition to the toolbox. Nothing more. – Martin Rottgerding

Q3: How will the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns affect how you use the shared library?

  • It won’t make a difference – Re-marketing, budgets, negatives and placements remain unchanged by the updates. – Niki Grant
    • Sometimes smaller budgets can = more campaigns to make sure testing doesn’t drag down high QS elements. – Gil Hong
  • Enhanced campaigns basically make mobile/desktop/tablet one big shared budget. – Gil Hong
  • It won’t change much for me, except for my mobile campaigns, of course. I may used share budgets right away for more control. Enhanced Campaigns won’t impact negatives, exclusions, or audience types for me … yet! – Nate Knox
  • Enhanced campaigns basically make mobile/desktop/tablet one big shared budget. – Brian Gaspar (@BGaspar)
  • No direct impact. Maybe if someone has different negatives depending on device… can’t think of an example. – Martin Rottgerding
  • Not much at all. However, if tablet bidding isn’t separated, then might have to pull back on certain budgets. – Jeremy Brown
  • Would be interesting to create device specific remarketing lists though. – Martin Rottgerding
  • Mobile ads will need different landers so I will possibly be building 2 different audience segments for remarketing. – Josiah Colt (@_kingjosiah_)

Q4: Do you feel PPC Specialists understand the notion of the shared library and how to fully utilize this resource? Why or why not?

  • If they don’t you could hardly call them “specialists” right? – Max Fink
    • Not necessarily…specialists might not use the shared library and do these manually…which isn’t necessarly bad. – Matt Umbro
      • Yeah, but your question was whether they understand the notion, not whether they use it. – Max Fink
  • To many I’ve talked to, Shared Library is a “set it and forget it” type of tool. – Nate Knox
  • The only one I use regular out of there is Audienes. – Eric Bryant
  • PPC specialists… some, but I’m always surprised to see how slow many agencies are adopting new features. – Martin Rottgerding
  • Honestly, sometimes I forget, having learning on an AdWords UI from eons ago. – Elizabeth Marsten (@ebkendo)
    • Good point. I think most live in Editor and can lose sight of UI features. – James Svoboda
      • Exactly, if you’re zooming along and you haven’t made it a habit. – Elizabeth Marsten
    • It’s funny because we loathe EC for potentially saving time while we applaud the shared library. Perhaps because the shared library gives us more control. – Matt Umbro
  • I remember before discovering the shared library going a roundabout way to view remarketing lists – definitely a time saver but in answer to the question, I don’t think it’s an obvious feature to many PPC specialists until you’ve spent some time. – Timothy Jensen
  • Aside from remarketing, we have better shared features in a 3rd party tool so I’m not very focused on it. – Jeremy Brown
  • Regular folks managing their accounts never know about things like shared libraries. – Martin Rottgerding
    • Yea seems like ppc specialist “figure it out” to save time on making changes across multiple accounts. – Gil Hong
      • Some do… but out there is someone looking at #ppcchat, thinking ‘shared what?’ – Martin Rottgerding
  • Probably not to its fullest extent. But IMO each client requires different tools to make the management smoother. – Gil Hong

Q5: Should more features be added to the shared library? Which ones and why?

  • URL auto-tagging! – Jessica Fisher (@jessicamfisher)
  • I can see shared targeting or even other shared settings to be useful to some extent. – Gil Hong
    • Shared settings would rule. – Melissa Mackey
  • Shared Library in AdWords Editor. – James Svoboda
  • Already mentioned but I wish upon a star: add Shared Libs into AE! Shared Sitelinks might be nice if you could override them at AG. – Max Fink
  • Shared bid adjustments could be nice. Thinking in terms of a thousand geo adjustments. – Martin Rottgerding
  • Any extensions that could be shared across campaigns for easy setup in one place – sitelinks, phone, offers, etc. – Timothy Jensen
  • An MCC shared library would be cool as well – guess everyone has a general list of negative keywords for all accounts. – Martin Rottgerding
  • Shared locations would be really great. – James Svoboda
  • What about shared changes? If you make a change, you can access the actions you took and apply them to another account as well. – Jessica Fisher
  • One quick irrelevant grammar observation from the shared library: The first sentence says “Shared library contains things that can be shared with multiple campaigns and ad groups” Anyone feel that the word “things” is a bad word choice. What about “tasks” and/ or “procedures” – Matt Umbro
    • Funny since they state “setting” right underneath it, implying that’s what “things” are referring to. – Gil Hong
  • More shared items would be nice, but they would really have to support those in the API (which they don’t now). – Jeremy Brown
  • Ad Groups would be nice. – James Svoboda

Q6: How would you make the shared library more upfront within the interface for advertisers to access/use?

  • By making it accessible in AdWords Editor. – Jessica Fisher
  • At least put a link under Tools in the interface. – Jeremy Brown
  • Awareness is a key to usage. I’d make it more apparent in Campaigns UI how and where shared library items connect within it. – James Svoboda
  • Make it more visible. Perhaps having its own tab with Home, Campaigns, Opportunities, etc. Also adding it to AE! – Gil Hong
  • Even a check box in AdWords or the interface for something like “do you want to use these negatives in other campaigns?” – Matt Umbro
  • Also, make the shared library available in the keyword tool. – James Svoboda
  • As a follow up question, how could the notion of a shared library work with Facebook or LinkedIn?
    • First FB should try to make their current ad options work–anyone who has tried to geo target on zip would know it’s a lost cause! – Max Fink
    • Shared Audiences/Demographic settings would be great. You could add a newly found intent and it could apply to all ads & campaigns. – James Svoboda


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